What happens when a smart mouthed kid meets a wisecracking alien?


Meet Timmy; an ordinary young boy who is shocked not only to meet an Alien but to meet one as mouthy as he is.

After arguing about whose planet is the best they set off to visit Aaron's, but end up crashing en route. Timmy and Aaron quickly realise that they are stranded on Bejjerwejjertejnej, a planet as terrifying as it is comical.

Will they find a way off the planet? Can they stay alive long enough to do so? Do they really know each other?

Packed with laugh out loud moments, terrifying encounters and ludicrous characters, this series will leave you wanting to read it over and over again.

It will not just have you laughing but in places it will deeply move and inspire you, while at times you will be hanging onto your seat as you try to cower from the menace that leaps off of the page - oh and you'll learn some things about the universe and our own planet that no-one has ever known til now!